This book covers key areas ofbiological research. The contributions by the authors include sex ratio, length at first maturity, gonadosomatic index, visceral fatindex, spawning season, condition factor, hanging ratio, slack netting, length frequency distribution, fishing efficiency, cost efficiency, index of economic efficiency, density functional calculations, photoactive proteins, fluorescentproteins, reaction mechanisms, population ecology, population dynamics, transduction, molecular filter, transversal deformations, transversal otolithic membrane deflections, metamorphosis, breeding, brain water metabolism, brain nanofluidic domain, nanofluidics, computational model, AQP4-targeted therapy, Health care waste management, safety measures, hazardous waste disposal, anti-ulcerogenic activity, limate change, community, gender roles, social vulnerabilities, adaptation, mitigation, anatomy, taxonomic relationship.This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of biological sciences.


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