This book covers key areas of biological research. The contributions by the authors include low level laser therapy, Bone histomorphometry, Bone repair, cell-free DNA, necrotic - Piwi interacting, folliculogenesis and biomarkers, treeline ecotone, climate change, snow cover phenology, repeat photography, age structure, hyperglycemia, anti-diabetic, phytochemicals, anti-diabetic potentiality, blood glucose levels analysis, decolorization, enhancers, inhibitors, photoproduction, cancer cell lines, fatty acids, adipocytes, intestinal barrier, fatty acid derivatives, osteopontin, exosome, macrophages,  blood cells count, histopathological changes, sacral hiatus, caudal anaesthesia, anatomical features. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of biological research.


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