Prof. E. Seda Koc,
Department of Child Development, Vocational School of Health Sciences, Namik Kemal University, Turkey.

ISBN 978-93-5547-610-4 (Print)
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DOI: 10.9734/bpi/rdass/v5

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This book covers key areas of Arts and Social Studies. The contributions by the authors include Employees’ involvement, training, port industry, safety culture, workplace accidents, Pyramid, causality, hierarchical, program and management, Teacher role, teacher qualities, school mission, malaria incidence rate, climatic variables, forest area, non-forest area, modeling, School social worker, psychosocial aspects, high school students, Governance, violence, global village, rule of law, colonization, hermeneutics , human rights, Red culture, socialist culture, cultural confidence, fine traditional Chinese culture, Colonialism, post-colonialism, settler colonisation,  British colonialism, Patriotism,  moral standing, youth , Pastoral fulani, educational development, perception, Settler colonization,  Sokoto Caliphate, Tiv and Fulani, Courtyards, lighting and ventilation. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Arts and Social Studies.

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The Importance of Training and Employees’ Involvement in Promoting a Safety Culture in Malaysian Port Industries

Noor Aina Amirah , Tengku Noor Zaliha, Nazatul Faizah Haron, Natasha Shazleen Badrul

Research Developments in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 5, 21 June 2022, Page 1-12

Safety culture is an important aspect of reducing risk and accidents, which requires a multidisciplinary approach to improve the potential for ensuring a safe work environment. The port industry has become one of the most dangerous industries in the world. Occupational safety remains an area of  interest for the port industry due to the increasing number of accidents at work.

Therefore, this paper aims to propose a new framework for promoting a safety culture in the port industry in Malaysia. The authors conducted an extensive literature review to find the important variables in developing the safety culture model in the Malaysian port industry. Based on the Reciprocal Safety Culture Model and the literature review conducted, this paper proposed a safety culture framework for the port industry measured by two behavior variables: training and employees’ involvement. Further research can test these proposed variables to test the models. This model can be used and implemented by organizations in the port industry.

Recent Study on Sustainable Program Management: Hierarchical Causal Systems

Bongs Lainjo

Research Developments in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 5, 21 June 2022, Page 13-27

The goal of this research article is to improve program management protocols. The technique can aid in the reduction of subtleties, duplication, and redundancies. Seven components have been addressed in this context for supporting the attainment of long-term management of a development program. As a result, the "CARROT-BUS" model's conceptual framework was taken into account when conducting this research. CARROT stands for Capacity, Accountability, Resources, Results, Ownership, and Transparency, and it emphasizes environmental enabling, whereas BUS is seen as a bottom-up technique. As a result, this holistic and causal model can be seen as theoretically equivalent to Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs framework.

Finally, secondary sources were heavily considered when doing this research. Based on the data, it can be concluded that one of the major features that institutions all over the world maintain in order to attain anticipated and compelling outcomes is sustainability.  

Students’ Opinions on the Qualities of the Preferred Teacher

Ioannis Ch. Konstantinou, Ekaterini A. Chatzisavva, Stamatoula G. Logotheti

Research Developments in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 5, 21 June 2022, Page 28-43

The purpose of this research is to investigate the views of primary and junior high school students, regarding the teacher of their preference. In other words, the aim is to highlight the characteristics of the preferred and accepted teacher from the students’ point of view. The paper is structured into two parts, the theoretical and the empirical. The theoretical part includes the framework regarding the role of the teacher, initially approached in terms of the school mission. Then the individual roles of educator, instructor, evaluator, and supervisor, obtained by the processes of education, socialization, teaching, learning, evaluation, and supervision, are discussed. In addition, the factors that influence the teacher's effectiveness -when exercising his/her role- are mentioned with a special reference to the expectations of students, parents, and all other individuals or agents involved in his/her work. Then, the main elements of the effective teacher are identified through relevant research findings. In the second part of this paper the research methodology, the sample, and the questionnaire are described. The questionnaire includes, mostly, closed-ended questions requiring graded answers from the students. The study was conducted in the first ten days of November 2021 with the participation of the students of a Primary and a Junior High School located in the city of Ioannina, who were asked to express their views on the characteristics of the teacher of their preference appears, as well as on other questions about how the teacher organizes pedagogical communication with his students. Based on the research evidence it was found that the analyzed and interpreted results acquire special value from a pedagogical point of view because they highlight the importance of the pedagogical principle, which refers to the organization of communication -in the classroom context- by the teacher. The paper concludes with the discussion and the final remarks.

Determining the Association between Climatic Variables and Malaria Incidence in Kokrajhar District of Assam, India

Dimacha Dwibrang Mwchahary, Dilip C. Nath

Research Developments in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 5, 21 June 2022, Page 44-62

Throughout the year, the weather conditions of Kokrajhar area are ideal for malaria transmission. Because a large portion of the district is covered with forest, different malaria transmission dynamics arise in forest and non-forest areas. Observed malaria incidence rates in the forest, non-forest, and entire district from 2001 to 2010 were used to examine the temporal relationship between malaria incidence and meteorological variables. Pearson correlation analysis was used to look for links between the two. Pre-whitened series of meteorological variables and malaria data were compared using cross-correlation testing. Weighted least squares regression was used to build models for explaining and estimating malaria incidence rates, whereas linear regressions were utilized to find linear connections between climatic conditions and malaria incidence. The seasonal index was used to examine the annual concentration of malaria incidence using the Markham technique. Malaria seasons differ between forest and non-forest areas. The incidence of forest malaria was positively connected with relative humidity, while the incidence of non-forest malaria was inversely correlated with temperature series. The forest area has a higher seasonality of malaria concentration than the non-forest area. There was a significant relationship between annual fluctuations in malaria cases in the forest and temperature (coeff =0.689, p=0.040). Separate reliable models constructed for forecasting malaria incidence rates based on the combined influence of climatic variables on malaria incidence in different areas of the district were able to explain substantial percentage of observed variability in the incidence rates  for all). There is a complex relationship between climate conditions and the district's malaria incidence. Climate variables have varied effects on malaria incidence in forest and non-forest areas. Rainfall is a major factor in determining the prevalence of malaria in the district. Malaria parasites had adapted to a relative humidity level higher than the typical range for transmission in the district. Instead of using the separate effects of the climatic factors, the combined effects were used to build models.

The Role of Social Worker in High Schools: A Case Study from Thailand

Daraha Kanlaya

Research Developments in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 5, 21 June 2022, Page 63-74

The present study determines the role of Social Worker in High Schools in Thailand. The social workers would prefer to solve the psychosocial aspects among high school students to use the internet in Pattani. Currently, social workers in Thailand have not been considered to help schools deal with high school students who are facing Psychosocial Aspects and Academic Performance. The community suggests that the community be explored, which includes students, school directors, teachers, police officers, parents, and internet cafe owners. Their replies in the interviews are compared to issues of social well-being and internet use among Pattani high school students. The need for social workers in Pattani schools is universally agreed upon by those questioned and discussed in focus groups. School social workers can assist high school kids in using the internet responsibly, and they can be more effective in resolving issues that arise as a result of internet use. The research should be structured to compare two test groups. There should be a comparison between high school students who study through the Internet and those who learn through traditional methods.

Governance and the rule of law have become a topical agenda in the academia and international conferences, where the issue of human rights violation has been widely discussed, both formally and informally. Media is dominated by political discourse centered on governance, leadership crisis economic crisis, ideal political leadership and legitimacy. Machiavellian philosophy has been employed as a benchmark to analyse the Zimbabwean situation. The colonisation of Zimbabwe and other African countries resulted in the breakdown of African law and order, giving rise to violence. Globalisation has further added to the difficulty of establishing an ideal framework for defining and operationalizing the two notions at both the national and international levels. As a global community, the world should be controlled from a common holistic platform with an ideal global legal structure. The overall objective is to have a breed of political leaders who value life and provide human security and respect of human rights. Security and human rights compromise the most ambiguous and controversial concerns for the African community and world at large. Questionnaires and interviews, as well as secondary data sources, were employed to fulfill the research objectives. Hermeneutics and philosophical analytical methodologies serve as the foundation for my study. The findings of this study reveal a variety of evolving perspectives on governance, political leadership, and the rule of law in Africa. The most widely held, albeit controversial, belief is that African politics is incomplete without violence, rigging, and corruption. The rights to a decent standard of life, enough security, medical treatment, land, and peace have become political rights rather than common people's rights, as this article demonstrates.

The Concept of “Red Culture” and Its Significance in Contemporary China

Dongxin Shu

Research Developments in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 5, 21 June 2022, Page 87-95

This study looks at "red culture" from three perspectives: its origins, representations, and current relevance. It examines the conditions in which "red culture" emerged and evolved during China's democratic revolution, socialist construction, and reform and opening-up. "Red culture" refers to the "red legacies" and "red spirit" that have emerged during China's revolution, construction, and reform under the leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) in order to achieve national independence, economic progress, cultural prosperity, and national rejuvenation. Historical sites and a constellation of spirit represent the CPC's source of strength. In a globalized world, "red culture" assists the Chinese people in raising awareness of the need to maintain and promote great traditional Chinese culture while also guarding against cultural imperialism. It also provides impetus for the development of a strong cultural confidence and a rich, flourishing socialist culture with Chinese characteristics.

Reconnoitering Settler Colonization Part I: Its Philosophy and Praxis

Cephas T. A. Tushima

Research Developments in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 5, 21 June 2022, Page 96-106

The survey broaches colonial studies, poststructuralism (with its emphasis on the use of language [rhetorics] as a means for understanding, dominating, subjugating others), and the subsequent rise of postcolonial studies. This survey highlights the weaknesses of postcolonial studies, not the least, its pursuit of theoretical consistency at the detriment of cultural and historical specificity, being enmeshed in pastness, and the obfuscation of thriving settler colonial states or situations in contemporary societies. Arising from this, the embark upon a study of the global phenomenon of settler-colonization from the biblical era to the contemporary time, particularly examining its nature, ideology, processes, and praxis. The methodology used is literary and historical analysis, and the theoretical framework is based on the burgeoning area of settler-colonial studies. This essay lays the groundwork for Part II of the study, which will apply settler-colonial studies to the Nigerian situation.

Is Voting the Only Mark of Patriotism? Youth Perspective in Zambia

Magasu Oliver, Kamboni Lucy, Jive Lubbungu, Chilufya Lewis Bwalya, Lungu Lackson

Research Developments in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 5, 21 June 2022, Page 107-115

The goal of this study was to determine the level of patriotism among Zambian youngsters and whether voting is the only way for them to display their patriotism. One of the most important findings was that teenagers were able to define patriotism, even if it appeared to be hyperbole. Voting is not the only method to demonstrate patriotism; it is merely one of many options. Patriotism was defined as an emotional devotion to a country. Patriotism should be founded in the ideals that give birth to a country. Based on the findings, this chapter advises the government to reinforce patriotic ideals in schools, beginning in kindergarten, through the Ministry of Education. In Zambia, civil society organizations should develop patriotism awareness programs for youths.

The purpose of this study is to explore how pulaaku moral value of the pastoral Fulani community influence their perception and understanding to education and to answer the question, why the low participation of the Fulani in educational community development in Ikara district keep on persisting. Pastoral Fulani nomads are among Nigeria's and many African countries' most marginalized and educationally disadvantaged communities. Because education continues to be the mechanism for individual, community, and national development, such groups must be given special attention in order for African countries to achieve their sustainable development goals. Human, as well as sociocultural hindrances associated with their educational development need to be evaluated. Two themes emerged as the findings; firstly, perception of the pastoral Fulani on education generally. Secondly, factors precipitating non-participation, is presented into subthemes; strict adherence to pulaaku moral values, fear of fragmentation of social capital, lack of role model and parent ignorance. Thus, the study concluded that Fulani pastoral communities have positive perception on education, but it was evident that socio-cultural factors such as lacking role model with pulaaku principle, perception in fear of the system as a threat to social capital and ignorance influenced their low participation. As a result, politicians, government agencies, and stakeholders must have a comprehensive grasp of Fulani values by sponsoring ethnographic research projects, and maybe incorporate their ideas and considerations into the construction of a suitable nomadic education system, particularly the pulaaku. Also, integrate community-based volunteer groups, purposively for advocacy and awareness will enhance the group understanding and participation in educational community development.

Reconnoitering Settler Colonization Part II: Its Emergence in Nigeria

Cephas T. A. Tushima

Research Developments in Arts and Social Studies Vol. 5, 21 June 2022, Page 127-139

In Part I of this essay, I surveyed the global phenomenon of settler colonization through time, paying attention to its nature, ideology, processes, and praxis. Flowing from that, I applied the knowledge gained from the study of settler colonization to the settler colonial experience of Nigeria as initiated by British colonialism, particularly the British use of exogenous others in its conquest and ‘civilizing missions’ in the Middle Belt of Nigeria, and its enduring consequences leading to the resurgence of internal settler colonial enterprise in the territories of contemporary autochthonous communities of Nigeria’s Middle Belt region. The methodology adopted consists in literary and historical analysis, while the theoretical framework is within the general field of the emerging settler colonial studies. Suggestions are then proffered on dealing with and possibly surviving the onslaughts of settler colonisers.

Openings are crucial in any building.

The majority of modern buildings lack openings for reasons such as ventilation, thermal comfort, and wind flow. In terms of lighting, ventilation, and thermal comfort, the courtyard plays a significant role in sustaining the comforts in the dwelling. The thermal conditions of residential buildings in coastal areas are investigated in this study. Investigating the role of the courtyard and its impact on indoor thermal conditions, with a focus on indoor air temperature.Creating better living solutions with adapting and learning lesson from past, to create sustainable solutions is the need of the hour.