This book covers key areas of Mathematical Research and Computer Science. The contributions by the authors include planar steady-state, evaporation, motion – filtration, radial fin, Frobenius method, improved classical method, finned electric motor, Harmonic and analytical functions, one radius theorem, mean value theorem, Laplace equation, time series, fuzzy time series, fuzzy sets, fuzzy logical relationships, fuzzy observations, spectral density function, period gram, Taylor theorem, congruent number, cybercrimes, cybercriminals, high-temperature superconductivity, vector optimization problem, saddle points,  total domination number, chromatic number and total dominator chromatic number, smarandachely k-dominator coloring, smarandachely k-dominator chromatic number, relation’s degree, connection, set ordering, trivial and proper equivalences, Quasi-differential expressions, Regular and singular equations, Minimal and maximal operators, Regularly solvable operators, J-self-adjoint extension. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Mathematical Research and Computer Science.


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