This book covers key areas of agricultural sciences. The contributions by the authors include biosciences and biotechnology, high-yielding varieties, green revolution, nitrogen-based fertilizer, rice production, technology gap analysis, HYV program, rootstock system, fruit crop improvement, scion breeding, phenolic content, trend pattern analysis, wheat production, cereal-based production, usefulness of dietary products, NPK fertilizers, growth response of cassava, cassava chips, monocropping, germination potential, seed invigoration, seeding rates, lentil, seed priming, micro-lysimeters, bimodal analytical convection dispersion equation, tracer transport, breakthrough curves, postharvest effects, banana genome, respiration intensity, temperature influence, climate change, food security, crop productivity, transformative farming methods, off-season multiplication, vine planting methods, value chain challenges, meat probes, feed back and feed forward, transect, meat quality, genetic similarities, candidatus phytoplasma australasia, phyllody disease, crop losses. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers, and  academicians in the field agricultural sciences.


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