This book has been written strictly in accordance with the current syllabus prescribed by Pharmacy Council of India, for 6th Semester B.Pharm students.

Keeping in view the requirements of students and teachers, written to cover all the experiments. It includes methods experiments related to Herbal Drug Technology like Phytochemical screening, Alcohol content of Asava and Arista, Aldehyde content, Phenol content, Alkaloid content, Monograph analysis of herbal drugs etc. This book comprises of various experiments, supported with relevant observation tables, formulas, calculations and illustrations for easy understanding. Experiments are given in an easy and systematic way. This book is written with special efforts to bring out a simple comprehensible content to cater the requirement of pharmacy students in laboratory.

All efforts have been made to keep the text error-free. I have tried to present the subject in a student friendly and easy way.However any suggestions, constructive comments would be highly appreciated and that will be incorporated in the future edition.


1. Professional review, editing and plagiarism checking.
2. Professional cover-page design and typesetting.
3. Specialized English editing and proofreading
4. Digital Object Identifier (DOI) allotment.
5. ISBN number (online and print version)
6. Online publication of the book and printing in the press.
7. Royalty: (80:20) profit sharing between author and publisher from the sale of books. Authors will get 80% of the profit and Publisher will get 20% of the profit.
8. Normally Books will be closed access to increase the possibility of sale and authors will retain the copyright of the book chapter/ books. Special requests of open access books can also be considered in case of complete book publication.

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