Along my experience as a psychologist and a victimologist I witnessed many merciless situations people cope. In fact, children, women and everyone offended by crime, build different and deep means for recovering. Thus, when the victims and interveners encounter each other a special healing relation appears, where I could see how much patients can teach us about overcoming and going ahead in life path.

This book reflects a part of these conceptions in the frame of the victimology experience I acquired mainly in the Victims Assistance Unit at the Public Ministry of Peru, and my studies in the Belgium Institute of Victimology in Brussels. Certainly, this is my final studies dissertation I present here for those interested in victims’ recovery. So, ways of individual and social overcoming are discovered and interpreted as the result of field interventions, highlighting strength, wisdom and human warmth in the new reality that victims navigate after having been touched by a criminal act.

This work is also an homage to victims, and an expression of gratitude to The Kingdom of Belgium for making it happens.   


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