This book covers key areas of Science and Technology. The contributions by the authors include Dermatoglyphics, schizophrenia, fingerprint patterns, finger ridge count, biometric features, fingerprint recognition, fingerprint verification and  authentication,  ridge dissociation, Design and fabrication, mixing-machine, Neutrino, capture cross section, Cavendish balance, precision thermometer, ANRI-effect, Green management, maintenance management, preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, human resources management, Habitat destruction, mountain biking,  Contrast limited adaptive Histogram Equalization, Lifting Wavelet Transform, Stationary-wavelet transform, Bi-cubic interpolation, weighted average, Risk management and assessment, risk control, risk response, risk integration, risk communication,  SOFIC model, enterprise business processes, Migration, simulation, migration incentives, population dynamics, clusters, self curing agent, curing, concrete, admixture, Livestock, deep learning, cattle disease,  transfer learning, Quantitative characteristics, frequency distributions, cumulative distributions, Ogive, Sports and recreation, aging adults, aging adults’ fitness, fitness, service quality, Attendance system, minutiae-based algorithm, fingerprint template, Plasma display panel – PDP, pioneer inventions, plasma television, Organoclay, and curing kinetics. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of  Science and Technology.


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