This book covers key areas of Mathematical and Computer Science. The contributions by the authors include Stochastic differential equations, Malliavin calculus, Euler scheme for delay SDE’s, Cone metric space, fixed point, expanding mapping, Fuzzy risk-neutral probability measures, general linear octagonal fuzzy numbers, discounted fuzzy intrinsic values, fuzzy profit and loss values, Artificial neural networks, back propagation, normalization, Eigenvalues, distance spectrum, zero-divisor graph, block matrix, Riemann hypothesis, riemann zeta function, zeta function equation, jacobi’s function, residue theorem, cauchy-riemann equation, Minimum cable tension, cable-based parallel robot, specified minimum cable tension workspace, stability, Band-limited function, derivative interpolation, Ill-posedness, regularization,  Product of quasi-differential expressions, regular and singular endpoints, regularly solvable operators, essential spectra, and hilbert-schmidt integral operators. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Mathematical and Computer Science.


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