Like air and water noise has also emerged as pollutants in India. Due to increase industrialization and increase in traffic, noise has increased in our environment in a huge amount. Serious steps are being taken by the government of India for controlling of it. Rules and regulation has been made in order to control this. Though the efforts are being made but it is very difficult for bodies to control it. The main reason behind this is awareness among the peoples. In India people are less aware about the noise pollution when compared with water and then air. Impact of noise on the human act’s as a silent killer. So appropriate steps must be taken so that it can be controlled and impact on population can be minimized. 

As per above it is very much essentials to make people aware as so that control of noise pollution can be done. In this respect I am happy to introduce my small venture: Noise pollution: Monitoring, Mapping and Health Impact. This gives a brief description of noise along with its properties. It also describes the sources, characteristics, methodology for measurement, impact on human and control strategy. Many other works has been done to control and measure the noise however in this book a short and brief description of all has been summarized. 

References used in the books are mentioned along with the abbreviations, symbols and index. This book can be used as a material which can provide brief introduction about noise in short and can make people aware about the noise. I hope this book will benefit the reader in getting knowledge about noise pollution.

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