Nerves to iliacus, branches of femoral nerve including cranial part of femoral nerve innervate iliacus/iliopsoas muscles. Iliacus/iliopsoas muscles are responsible for flexing the thigh and forward tilting of the pelvis, body posture, Olympic lifts, daily activities like walking and running. Injury to nerves to iliacus/femoral nerve thereby lesions to nerve fibers/fascicles causes impairment of these functions culminating in malfunctions of lower limbs. Functions of these muscles can be restored by repairing/regenerating and or grafting the fascicles/nerve fibers therefore not only identification and isolation of injured fascicles with their pathways but also location of injury and its relation to the affected area are crucial for diagnosis and neurosurgical treatment. No literature is available describing microanatomy of nerves to iliacus. Hence the study has been carried out. Thus, aim of study is to explore the microanatomy of these neural structures in nerves to iliacus through histological technique. This knowledge of microanatomy of nerve to iliacus will be of paramount importance to neurosurgeons in repairing these nerves.


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