This book covers key areas of medicine and medical research. The contributions by the authors include fingerprint pattern, ABO blood group, gender identification, blood pressure, exercise, sedentary lifestyle, waist-hip ratio, cardiovascular parameters, antibiotic assay, mitochondria, DNA damage, P53 tumor suppressor gene, lipid peroxide, cell perforation, cell rupture, oxidative phosphorylation, carcinogenesis, glycolysis, Warburg effect, microbiome, dysbiosis, immune suppression, pesticides, mechanism, clastogenic, epigenetic silencing, microRNA, haptonomy, parturient, psychodynamic interview, Psychological support, antigen, von willebrand factor, bleeding time, clotting time, multiple myeloma, epigenetics, DNA methylation, histone modification, histone acetylation, histone deacetylation, micro-RNA, cadaveric oath, doctor-patient relationship, silent teacher, anatomy teaching, cadaveric dissection, gonioscopy, acute respiratory distress syndrome, hyper infection, diabetes mellitus, SARS-CoV-2 infection, COVID-19, angiotensin converting enzyme 2, hypotheses, skin complications, high sensitivity c-reactive protein, metabolic syndrome, obesity, inflammation, cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, serology, sensitivity, antiCCP antibodies, tenderness, distension, maxillary molar distalization, anchorage, miniscrew, temporary anchorage devices, patient-physician relationship, paternalism, ante-natal seeking behaviour, analgesics, neuralgias, pregnancy. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of medicine and medical research.


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