This book covers key areas of engineering research. The contributions by the authors include raspberry Pi, ultrasonic sensor, Pi Cam, salt gradient, solar radiation, salt concentration, reflectivity, thermal conductivity, imaginary numbers, Ohm’s law, resonance, transient processes, special theory of relativity, model order reduction, steady-state value, balanced truncation method, singular perturbation approximation, balancing, large scale dynamical system, color bands, component gradients, decision logic, optic flow computation, discrete determined dynamic systems, automatons, a geometrical image of laws of functioning of the automaton, discrete RIV-function, an estimation of complexity of laws of functioning, intra prediction, macroblock, fault-tolerant control, active fault-tolerant control, sliding mode control, synchronous sliding mode control, extended state observer, fault estimation, copy-move forgery detection, Image forgery detection, local binary pattern method, Saliency depth map,   electric coaster, cost-benefit analysis, energy saving, emission reduction, environmentally sustainable, finite amplitude wave, air-horn, acoustic signal, infrasound propagation, big size horn, sound pressure, amplitude of the second harmonic, nonlinear distortion coefficients, cryptography, loop unrolling, takeoff performance investigation, water-drag resistance, light amphibious airplane, synchronous terminal sliding mode control, finite-time fault-tolerant control, finite-time synchronization control, fault-tolerance for robot manipulator, robot manipulator. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of engineering research.


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