This book covers key areas of economics, business and management. The contributions by the authors include internal supply chain management, competitiveness, Integration, capital maintenance, conceptual framework, financial reporting, financial statements, recognition and de-recognition, reporting entity, cross selling, customer satisfaction, perceived benefits, green design, eco-efficiency design, customer satisfaction, Kano’s Model, state-owned enterprises, mixed ownership, managerial ownership, corporate performance, political rights, civil liberties, political instability, corruption, investment, economic growth, dynamic panel, household debt, macroeconomic, determinants, factors, financing, Fiscal policy, monetary policy, macroeconomic management, human resource management, transportation infrastructure, cloud computing, cloud barrier, cloud survey, cloud adoption, protection of intellectual property rights, foreign direct investment, economic growth, supply side economics, policy mix classifications, Reagan Tax Cuts, Vietnam war finance, Eurozone macroeconomics, pandemic macroeconomics, public debt, economic growth, Threshold Autoregressive model, granger causality, transport logistics industry, development, Cobb-Douglas production function, transport logistics, productivity, Cobb-douglas, multivariate regression. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of economics, business and management.


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