This book covers key areas of economics, business and management. The contributions by the authors include financial wellbeing, financial literacy, financial education, poverty alleviation, financial sustainability, accrual quality, value relevance, financial reporting quality, quoted banks, litigation services, audit time lag, sustainable agriculture, climate change, E-commerce, internet, cyber security, water resources management, water rights, quality management assurance, database system, sustainability, tacit knowledge, explicit knowledge, knowledge management strategies, impact of knowledge management, family business, sustainability of the family business, successions, family members, business plan, conflict solving, business environment, business support instruments, future development, subculture, global warming, Greenhouse gases, The GNP-energy-emissions link, Energy– environment conundrum, Global energy consumption, total and relative energy consumption, organisational activities, marketing approach, classification shifting, segment reporting, segment-level manipulations, segment manipulation. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of economics, business and management.


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