This book covers key areas of geography, environment and earth sciences. The contributions by the authors include seismic emission, acoustic impact, saturated porous medium, energy spectrograms, reservoir hierarchical structure with plastic properties, Algorithm of 2D Modeling, aquaculture, site selection, Geographic Information System, coral reef, remote sensing, alos imagery, siberian traps, intrusions, sub-alkaline and basic rocks, geochemistry, Pb-U system, high-latitude atmosphere, mathematical modeling, prediction of polar lows origination, compound hierarchical environment, acoustic field, iterative algorithm, integral-differential equations and direct problem, agricultural supply, anthropogenic parameters, cyanobacterial biomass, limnology, climate change, thermal pollution, heat capacity, precipitation decline, atmospheric carbon, heat-trapping gas, paleoclimatology, conservation, environmental justice, ecology, political ecology, sustainable development, transition, urban development, urban economy, urban planning. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of geography, environment and earth sciences.


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