Since five decades ago, when I had been first came across rabbit to be involved with: care management, handling as well as performing immunologic experiments. An intimacy had been evolved between them and me till my present days. They are the beloved preferred animals for research use. In immunologic sense, they are of use in: production of polyclonal antibodies, valid for allo-type studies and their common mucosal immune system are with minor differences with that of man. The present book provides evidences for utility of rabbit as an immune model simulating that of man during infectious and noninfectious diseases. The text contents occurred in six sections, the first includes: general background information, the platform, the second covers the inflammatory response, the third vaccine development, the fourth confined to cryoglobulin response, the fifth contains mucosal immunology and the sixth have efforts on rabbits cytokine. The layout of the book ensemble nine sorts of immune  lapin models .This book is intended to serve students and researchers of immunology.  


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