Learned people all over the world when became in a compulsory situation like those whom bound to be in a prison or those whom being restrained in a pandemic lockdown of an infectious disease, most of them starts writing innovative or narrative works .At the time period between Dec.2019 to Dec.2020 and till now world witness of sars-cov-2 virus pandemic disease with a frequent lockdown periods .I have my share in facing such pandemic lockdown. During that time period, I wrote seven review articles that were peer reviewed and published in a relevant scientific journals. These works were covering various immunological aspects of sars-cov-2 virus infections in human and to a lesser extent in animals. On reaching the seventh paper final formatting form, I wrote to the editor of Book Publisher International proposing them to be a monograph with a title Immunity To Sars-cov-2 Virus Infections”. The editor responded positively to the proposal. The text was organized into seven chapters as: infection and re-infection, immunity and duration of immunity, immune overreaction, chronicity immune concerns, immune simulations, vaccine race and vaccine induced immune enhancement mechanisms. Each chapter starts with abstract, introduction ,text items ,core concept, conclusions and references. The monograph serves as an at glance review to the rather complex nature of immunology of sars-cov-2 infections. It is helpful for the practicing immunologist, laboratory professionals and the specialized front line health workers.


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