This book covers key areas of economics and management. The contributions by the authors include distributive justice, Zipf law, pareto law, maximum entropy, social networks, power struggle, ethnicity, violence conflict, peace-building, political power, Anglo-Egyptian regimes, eco-tourism, business federation, South Africa, poverty, economic growth, complexity/turbulence, household income, broad view of production, household life stages, overburdened women, consumer psychology, cutting-edge technology, microfinance, micro-enterprise, micro-entrepreneur, sale revenue, net profit, economic power, management & control, electrical circuits concepts, cash flow management, efficiency and power factor of economic systems, investing strategy, immigrants, entrepreneurial minority groups, discrimination, economic value, immigration statistics, market segmentation, U.S. men’s shaving gel market, cost leadership strategy, price-quality segmentation, market share leadership, price a strategic variable, strategic groups, data mining, English style analysis, metrical linguistics, economic development, subcontractor, small and medium-sized enterprises, intensified dairy farm, adult equivalence, statistical- econometrical indicators, mandatory audit rotation, audit quality, bank holding, financial expertise, agency theory, signaling theory, corporate governance, destination image, travel motivation, information sources, tourism crisis. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of economics and management.


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