This book covers key areas of economics and management. The contributions by the authors include regression estimation, international migration, remittances, production and GDP, government policy and regulations, benchmarking, business, motorsports, information technology, population, growth rate, internet, social media, financial stability, financial and budgetary security, municipalities, assessment of financial stability and security of municipalities, business strategy, strategy, competitiveness, country of origin, manufacturing relocation, operations management, procurement strategy, plant location, sourcing,  corporate retail stores, retail shopping, shopping behavior, consumer income, specialty store, profitability, strategic alliance, enterprise, competition, commercial banks, claim frequency, probability distribution functions, determining premium, Poisson-gamma distribution, evaluation of models, choice of the best model, Professional Service Firms, entrepreneurial ventures, planning sustainable partnerships, rebalancing, manufacturing belt, economic development, economic structural change, economic growth, entrepreneurship, big data, online collaboration, digital economy, case study, knowledge economy, risk index, service operations, empirical application, optimization approach, data envelopment analysis. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of economics and management.


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