To respond adequately to the above-mentioned research methodology, this study is structured in six chapters. The first three comprise theoretical background information and the final three are concerned with a qualitative cross-case research study regarding the decision-making implementation of industry 4.0

More specifically, the first chapter provides the reader with a brief introduction to the topic of Industry 4.0 and additionally elaborates the purpose and method of research.

  • The following chapter comprises a review of the previous academic literature. To provide a valuable broad overview for the reader, the author has separated the literature review chapter into multiple subchapters that will describe in detail the following key issues relating to the technologies, design principles and existing maturity models.
  • The qualitative research methodology is presented in chapter three, including a brief description of the methodological background and the data collection process as well as the proceedings relating to the analysis.
  • Chapter four then sets out the data analysis, including a brief introduction to case study of Indian SME for which the research is carried out.
  • The conclusion of entire case study is presented in chapter 5, including the conclusion and future work.
  • At last, the final chapter i.e., chapter 5 sets to discuss the proposed future work for the expansion of work.


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