Heat transmission is a common occurrence in manufacturing schemes and other elements of life, and certain application areas of heat transfer are not difficult to find. When there is a temperature differential amid two systems, heat is a form of energy in transmission that transfers from one to the other devoid of transporting mass. Heat transfer difficulties are frequently characterized as either steady (also known as steady state) or transient (also known as transient) (also called unsteady). Heat transfer is accomplished by one or more of the following modes namely, conduction, convection and radiation. Diffusion of heat, also named conduction. The heat transfer by convection requires a solid-fluid interface, a temperature difference between the solid surface and the surrounding fluid and a motion of the fluid. Heat transfer from a body with a high temperature to a body with a lower temperature, when bodies are not in direct physical contact with each other or when they are separated in space, is called heat radiation. Mass is transported using two main methods: molecular diffusion and convection.


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