This book, FINANCIAL RISK MANAGEMENT: WAYS TOWARDS ASSETS PROTECTION was started with a focus to help the readers in making connectivity among the different types of financial asset risks and approaches used by companies in dealing with such risks. I have used general examples to present my perspective without any complexity involved. Examples from sublime crises have been given in the discussion to show how different financial risks mainly liquidity risks have been addressed by the firms. However, for understanding the general examples and discussion about the management of different types of risks, I have highlighted important and necessary component for the specific firms to understand their institutional structures. The core aim behind this book was to understand the model-oriented approach to show how the firms dealing with different types of assets apply risk management techniques. Themes in different chapters were developed based on recent financial history, general factors and models been used. This book is designed with low level of technical difficulty. It has not used many statistics in dealing with financial concepts.


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