This book covers key areas of agricultural science. The contributions by the authors include dairy management, feeding, rhizosphere, soil pollutants, phytopathogenic microorganisms, mutualistic symbiosis, atmospheric nitrogen-free fixing bacteria, organic carbon, Trygona honey, pandemic COVID 19, added value, sustainability, cultivation technology, experimental precision, experimental planning, experimental design, dairy cattle actors, constraints, and coping strategy, liquid smoke, total plate count,  reproductive characters, profitability, waste recycling, recyclable waste, Integrated Farming System, cassava germplasms, agro-climatic conditions, biological control, chemical control, disease in leaf, microorganism, organic agriculture, botanical seeds, germination, crops germplasms, pollination, shelling capacity, shelling cost, shelling efficiency, tubular maize sheller, reproductive biology, breeding system, medicinal plant, agricultural commodities, fatty acid components, seed characters, intercropping models, biomass, livestock, PIR broiler patterns. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of agricultural science.


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