This book covers key areas of agricultural sciences. The contributions by the authors include bioresource technology, vegetative growth, microbial population, herbicide, zinc deficiency, crop physiology, bio-fortification, breeding, translocation factors, micronutrient, agronomic practices, climate change, cassava yield, rainfall variability,  tapping systems, active metabolism, tapping panel dryness, rubber productivity, economic efficiency, simulation model, risk management strategy, groundwater management, Stochastic efficiency, certainly equivalent, seed treatment, NaCl sorting, seed infestation, germination, seedling vigor, concentration index, food security, thermal soil amendment, organic priming, cation exchange capacity, wilt complex, hybrids, hatch and carry technique, pollination, antimicrobial activity, antibiotics. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of agricultural sciences.


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