This book covers key areas of Chemical Science. The contributions by the authors include microorganism, monosaccharides, microbial bioconversion, Biochemical  methods, Biogas, dry reforming, catalyst deactivation, anti-coking activity, Michael addition, Inhibitor of GABA, organic chemistry, calcium release, chiral organic catalysts, nano encapsulation, polycaprolactone, antifungal studies, Salinization, degradation, organic matter, air pollution, PM Aerosols, road traffic, FTiR-ATR spectroscopy, Agx/TiO  nanostructures, reusable photocatalytic materials, pollutant degradation, surface oxidation, anatase phase, rutile phase, Phosphate glass, leaching, glass fertilizers, glass formers and modifiers, ionic potential, limiting equivalent conductance, Shedlovsky equations, Walden products, thermodynamic parameters, Oscillator strength, Bonding parameters, energy parameters, antimicrobial activity, synthetic drugs, bioactive natural products, agrochemicals. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of Chemical Science.


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