This book covers key areas of engineering research. The contributions by the authors include   ultrasonic vibration, cutting mechanics, biodiesel production, glycerol concentration, acidification, purification, optical properties, phonon calculation, reflective index, spectrofluorimetry, molecular interaction, kinetic model, anaerobic digestion, mesophilic, thermophilic condition, hydraulic retention time, biogas production, solar cell, liquid electrolyte, UV-spectrum, natural dye, energy gap, optical properties, transportation problems, urban traffic, travelling salesman problem, mathematical optimization, combinatorial optimization, available software solution, portfolio theory, active investments, mathematical models in portfolio theory, portfolio optimization, assets in mutual funds, decision support in investments, eco-house, differential transformation method, ordinary differential equations, series solution, boundary value problems, mathematical model updating method, finite elements, finite time centered space scheme, turbulence, ultrasonic velocity profiler, water-in-oil emulsion, chemical reactions, infrared spectroscopy, thermo-oxidation, obsolescence, flexibility, adaptability, resilience, pare hydro-electric power project, rock mass classification, rock quality designation, Terzaghi’s rock load theory, rock structure rating, rock mass rating, rock mass quality system. This book contains various materials suitable for students, researchers and academicians in the field of engineering research.


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